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    The Schonbrunn Palace is is a former imperial summer residence. The House of Habsburg was an important royal house and they reigned in Austria for over six centuries. Nowadays, Schonbrunn Palace is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and the main tourist attraction in Vienna.

    The Schonbrunn complex includes:
    - The Palace
    - Great Parterre (garden with 32 sculptures)
    - Neptune Fountain
    - French Garden
    - The Tiergarten (the Imperial Zoo)
    - Gloriette (building on the hill with a view over Vienna)

    schonbrunn garden
    the Gloriette with the view deck on top

    The ticket price for an adult is:
    - Imperial Tour is 9.50 (35 minutes tour through the palace)
    - Grand Tour is 12.90 (50 minutes tour)
    Children between 6-18 pay for these tours: 6.50/8.90
    Students and disabled have a discount

    There are several combined tickets with special discounts:
    A family ticket for the Classic Light Pass is 33 and 14.90 for individuals. This pass includes the grand tour, admission the Gloriette with viewing terrace, 2 gardens and a cake. The Gold Pass is the most expensive (39) and includes the Zoo, a museum and the Palm House.

    opening hours
    - 1st April to 30th June: 8.30 - 17.00
    - 1st July to 31st August: 8.30 - 18.00
    - 1st September to 31st October: 8.30 - 17.00
    - 1st November to 31st March: 8.30 - 16.30

    tips & visitor information
    Most visitors at Schonbrunn take the tour through the Palace. When we arrived in August 2010 there was allready a queue with visitors outside the building. It took us half an hour before it was our turn. After buying the tickets we had to wait a second time. The tours through the palace are individual tours with an audioguide; not guided tours. Every tour takes about 35/50 minutes. When the visitors have finished the tour, the next group of visitors can start their tour. Most tour groups come in the morning. If you come at noon there are little visitors at the entrance gate and in the palace.

    I believe the admission to the main gardens behind the palace is free. Everybody can walk through the main building or just around the palace to the gardens. The ticket offices are only selling tickets; they are not checking admission to the palace. In the hall behind the ticket offices is the way out to the gardens and the entrance to the palace rooms.

    travel to Schonbrunn Palace
    Schonbrunn Palace is just outside the city center. Take metro line U4 to Huttedorf, stop at station 'Schonbrunn'. From the metro station to the palace is a 7 minutes walk.
    schonbrunn Palace
    Schonbrunn Palace

    schonbrunn palace garden
    Schonbrunn garden with the Gloriette on top of the hill

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